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Vacation Rentals

A wonderful vacation awaits you here in the Pocano’s and especially here in the Pocono Lake Preserve. There are a number of rentals here in the community and you may access them in many of the most popular ways such as Airbnb or VRBO.

Most people already know VRBO, it stands for Vacation Rental By Owner and they offer rental opportunities here in the community of Pocono Lake Preserve. To see rental homes in Pocono Lake Preserve click here.

Oh Airbnb, that old standby of rental properties. You have to love it and hate it if you’ve ever had a bad rental. Check it out. Here’s a link to Airbnb’s in the community of Pocono Lake Preserve

Pocono Lake Preserve Rentals
This is a special program for residents of the community that like to keep their rentals discreet and reserved for families they speak to first and and feel they can trust with their properties.