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Local Direct Premium Rentals

The Local Direct Premium is a section designed to support the local community whereby an own can be contacted through out site and you can make arrangements for a stay. These arrangements are for highly exclusive properties where the owner wishes to pre-screen and know the renter a little better than with Airbnb. As nice as this sounds, the value works both ways as many of our premium property owners and their guests form long term relationships, sharing the joy of the properties with family over years. It’s a better more exclusive system.

We MUST qualify any property we represent on the site and we will need and must have proof of ownership and further proof the property is able to be rented.
Please provide a photo the property. It’s not required at this time but will save time later. (max: 4MB)
If the property is already on Airbnb or VRBO please cut and paste either here.
If you have any notes you’d like to send us on this property or contacting you regarding the property for entry into our system please be below. We look forward to hearing from you.