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Big Crowds at Pocono Summit Aldi Grand Opening

POCONO SUMMIT, Pa.  — A packed parking lot, long lines at the register and lots of food on the shelves.

The highly anticipated grand opening of the Pocono Summit Aldi didn’t disappoint.

“Well who wouldn’t be here? That’s why I waited until a little later. I am not one for crowd crush but still it’s pretty busy in that parking lot,” said Charlotte Parks, Cresco.

The location was announced in 2017.  The place in Coolbaugh Township has been under construction for quite a while.

Fresh produce, good prices and more, Molly Robinson from Reeders says it’s a real deal.

“I am here shopping for some wonderful fresh fruits. It’s great bargains, beautiful strawberries and pineapples. I am really happy it’s here in the Pocono Summit area now,” said Molly Robinson, Reeders.

This location has been a long time coming and some customers we spoke to say, they have been keeping their fingers crossed and quarters ready for this location to finally open.

“I knew it was eventually going to come but I didn’t know when. We would drive by with anticipating waiting for it to open and we are finally here,” said Joe Oresik, Reeders.

Some made their trip to Aldi a family affair.

“We thought we’d check it out. It’s the first day it’s open and we were really excited. I don’t have to work until the evening so we thought we’d come and check it out,” said Victor Kolubinskyj, Cresco.

Samples of Aldi food products were even ready for customers.

That’s where Charlotte Parks from Cresco was headed.

“I am very happy to see it open. I just had some good snacks back there in the corner and up there is a lady with more snacks,” said Parks.

A long wait, well worth it.


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