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Community Rallying Around Abandoned Dog

STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A community is rallying around a dog found starving and alone in the Poconos.

That dog, who has been named Sophie, is slowly recovering at AWSOM Animal Shelter near Stroudsburg.

Staff members say she is one of their toughest cases.

The dog was brought to the clinic last week by someone who found her wandering the streets of Stroudsburg, skin and bone, cold and alone.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sophie is also blind.

“She is very malnourished. She’s fighting a lot of battles right now. Her organs are shutting down. She has an infection going on. She is just touch-and-go. We can’t figure it out right now and are trying everything that we know to do for her,” said AWSOM’s Lisa Pearson.

Support for Sophie has been overwhelming. social media posts about the dog have almost 1,000 shares and comments.

Staff members believe the dog was once someone’s pet because she is housebroken.

Mary Eyer from Stroudsburg was at the shelter. She says stories like this are heartbreaking.

“I see the pictures and it is just terrible.”

Sophie clearly has a lot of health issues, but staff members at AWSOM tell Newswatch 16 one of the toughest challenges she’s facing so far is her diabetes.

Cindy Dirvin from Reading came to the shelter to look at cats. Sophie’s story hits home for her. She once had a dog with similar health issues.

“Very difficult. She was blind for two years, she had to get shots twice a day, special diet,” Dirvin said.

Sophie cannot see visitors at this time, but staff members are asking for good vibes and donations for the dog’s recovery.


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