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Crazy Socks Mission: Teaching the Teachers

BRODHEADSVILLE, Pa. — On this first day for teachers in the Pleasant Valley School District, it is the teachers receiving the lesson.

John and Mark Cronin are the instructors. John has Down syndrome. He and his father started and run a company called John’s Crazy Socks.

The product is exactly what the name implies, but the message behind crazy socks is definitely not crazy. The Cronins want to show it’s possible to build a culture within an organization to make a difference.

Many on the Crazy Socks team have special needs and five percent of the company’s earnings go to Special Olympics.

Mark feels this audience of teachers can help spread the company’s philosophy.

“They’re the ones that are setting the stage for the next generation, so it’s important for people of differing abilities within the school system to know they can be productive members of society,” Mark Cronin said.

The superintendent thinks the Crazy Socks message reinforces what’s already part of the Pleasant Valley agenda.

“Every student is capable of achieving, so on those days when they’re down and tired and they get that memo from the superintendent they’re not happy about, they remember there is a John in their classroom. That John needs inspiration, motivation, that John needs love and caring,” said Pleasant Valley Superintendent David Piperato.

Crazy Socks’ involvement with the Pleasant Valley School District doesn’t end after this talk at the high school. Crazy Socks made socks with the Pleasant Valley logo and mascot. They’ll be sold as a fundraiser for the district, so the Crazy Socks message will be with teachers and students, every step of the way.


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