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Crews Busy with Downed Trees, Power Lines

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Strong winds kept emergency crews in the Poconos busy with lots of downed trees and wires.

A snapped tree and some downed wires closed off a section of White Oak Lane near Tannersville. Strong winds made the mess. A tree fell near Michael Gonzales’ home.

“Trees are down, and it cut off some of our power for about three hours out here,” said Gonzales.

According to the Monroe County 911 Center, a lot of wind damage calls came from the Pocono Township and Jackson Township areas.

Cars had to dodge a tree that snapped on Route 715.

“It’s horrible and horrendous,” Amy Schwartz said. “We have trees down up there. The power went out for a couple hours, but then it came back.”

The windy weather kept emergency crews very busy, especially officers at Pocono Township Police Department.

“When I got in this morning, I got briefed by the night shift, and they have been nonstop since 3 or 4 o’clock this morning with wires, trees down, roads blocked, all kinds of calls into the control center about hazardous conditions all the way down to garbage cans down the road,” said Pocono Township Police Chief Kent Werkheiser.

Chief Werkheiser even took to the department’s Facebook page to warn people about driving in windy conditions.

“You just got to drive slow and see what is in front of you, especially in weather like today,” said the chief.

Emergency officials say if you see any downed trees or wires, make sure you report it. Do not try to move anything yourself.


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