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Department of Agriculture Launches Fair Map

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. — We are in the midst of fair season in Pennsylvania.

In Monroe County, the West End Fair in Gilbert is set to begin in a few weeks.

“It’s coming up fast. We’ve got the rodeo back this year. We have more animals being exhibited,” said Norman Burger, West End Fair director.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has made it easier to find a fair by using a new interactive map.

You can now look online or use a smartphone to find fairs based on location, county, or date.  It also gives driving directions.

Kim Raymond bounces between her home in Florida and her home in Saylorsburg.

“Oh, it’s a great idea, especially when you’re visiting. We come here very seldom but when we do, we like to know what’s going on in the area. Just to be able to do something with our granddaughter while we are here,” said Kim Raymond, Saylorsburg.

Directors at the West End Fair tell Newswatch 16 they think it’s smart the Department of Agriculture created a map for a smartphone because almost everyone has one.

“I think it is the way the public is moving. If you don’t move with where the public is going, you’re going to lose from a fraction of the news getting out to the people,” said Burger.

“Sometimes when you’re not in the area or familiar with the area, it’s a great way of finding things,” said Raymond.

The map is free to use. Each fair entry also includes a website link.


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