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Detectives Auction Seized Vehicles in the Poconos

BARRETT TOWNSHIP, Pa. – It’s auction time for the Monroe County Drug Task Force.

“”You bought it, 2,000 bucks.”

A Lexus, Nissan Pathfinder, and Volkswagen Jetta are just some of what was up for grabs. These vehicles were seized by county detectives and sold to the highest bidder at Auto in Motion near Cresco.

“I bought a 2007 Lexus IS 250 behind me and I am hopefully going to turn it into something cool,” said Collin Waas of Bartonsville.

A 2006 Dodge Ram and a 2009 Honda Civic were the hot items at this year’s auction.

Philip Sulek from Tannersville got the Civic for more than $2,000.  He drove it right off the lot.

“I really thought it was going to go for a bit more, but I think I got pretty lucky,” said Sulek.

All the money raised at the auction will go right back into fighting drug crimes in Monroe County.

“It’s used to fund police investigations, tools, and things they need to try and stop the epidemic of drugs in our community,” said Monroe County D.A. David Christine.

One thing a lot of people like doing after they buy their car is looking inside to see what kind of treasures were left behind.

“I did find bullets in the one, like the shells but that’s really it. They are really dirty, but you clean them up good and you’d be surprised at how good they come out,” said Sulek.

“It’s a ‘buyer, beware’ (situation), but you never know. It could be, you buy one for $1,000 and you get a couple hundred bucks into it and you get 15 or whatever. It don’t matter, you don’t need anything,” said Kevin McWilliams, Tobyhanna.

County officials made more than $9,000 during this year’s auction.


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