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Family of Ospreys Nesting at Bradys Lake

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP — Walk a mile along the path at Bradys Lake near Mount Pocono and you’ll run into a utility pole with a platform on top.

Ospreys have chosen to nest here for the first time this year. Not only can you hear the birds, but you can see them, too.

“It’s incredible. We just decided on a whim to come out here and hike around the lake, so we are glad that we are going to be able to see something like that,” said Dana Rossi, New York City.

An Eagle Scout from Carbon County built the platform.  It was put into place with the help of PPL crews back in November of 2016.

The landing is a safe place for the birds to nest.  There are a few chicks.  Some are already flying.

“It’s great. I am really excited to get back there and see that set up,” said Pete Boisvert, New York City.

People out hiking tell Newswatch 16, while it’s great to get out in nature it’s even better when they can catch a glimpse of some wildlife.

Dana Rossi and Pete Boisvert are from New York City. It’s not something they get to see in the Big Apple.

“It’s incredible just to know that there are places like this where animals can still exist and it’s far enough away. We aren’t going to bother them too much, maybe a little hello when we walk by. But they can just kind of be in their habitat and live their life,” said Rossi.

“It’s really cool. I am excited and I hope we can get a glimpse of it,” said Boisvert.

PPL works with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to find good places to put these pole and platforms in spots throughout its service area.


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