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Farmer Wants Community to Learn About Growing Hemp

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — More than 300 farmers across the state were given permits to grow hemp this year, and one of those farmers is in the Poconos.

With a successful first year of growing at his farm near Marshalls Creek, the owner of Occult Organix is showing off his crop.

Driving down Gap View Drive near Marshalls Creek, a field of plants might catch your eye. It’s a hemp field.

“The farm that you see here, this is our organic hemp farm. We grew these plants from seed. Some of them now are 10-feet tall, and they are incredibly, incredibly healthy,” said Eric Titus White.

Occult Organix is the name of the farm in Smithfield Township. Eric Titus White is the grower. This is the first year he’s able to grow hemp in Pennsylvania after federal lawmakers passed the Farm Bill last year. It makes growing hemp legal with a permit.

“What you see here is the CBD variety. The difference between this and the fiber pot is this is going to be made into pharmaceutical-type products. This bud is full of oils and medicine. The THC has been stripped out of this plant, so it’s federally legal because the THC has been bred out of the plant,” he explained.

Farmers here believe that as this industry continues to grow, as you’re driving through Pennsylvania, you’re going to start to see more hemp fields instead of cornfields.

It’s why farmers invited community members to the field over the weekend to ask questions and maybe even start growing themselves.

“What I wanted to show people was that it was 100 percent possible for them to do this. Especially since this is my first year and we had some wild, wild success.”

As the leaves continue to turn yellow, the plants will be harvested and drying will begin. What happens after that is still a learning process for Titus White.

To learn more about industrial hemp farming and how to apply for a permit, click here.


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