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Fire at Pocono Manor Ruled Undetermined

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa. — It’s been one week since a massive fire destroyed the Inn at Pocono Manor near Mount Pocono. Investigators have officially ruled the cause of the fire as undetermined.

Carla Hayes came to pick up her last paycheck at the Inn at Pocono manor Administration building. It’s been one week since a massive fire destroyed the inn and forced her and several other employees out of a job.

“It’s already been a week, and yes, it has been. It’s devastating. It’s very devastating,” Hayes said.

Investigators officially ruled the cause of last week’s fire near Mount Pocono as undetermined.

General manager Don Snyder says there is still a lot of work to do.

“Our main concern now is to get these chimneys down. We don’t know how much water is behind those chimneys and they have been there since 1902. We don’t want those to fall and hit our boiler room. It would cause millions of dollars of additional damage, more hazards, or explosions. There are big boilers inside this building to our left. We want to keep those intact,” Snyder said

“Private property” signs have been posted all throughout the resort. The general manager tells Newswatch 16, security has been hired to make sure people who come to check out the damage don’t venture off where they shouldn’t.

“We just want to caution the public to stay clear, stay behind the caution tape, and not get in there where anyone can get injured. It is still really dangerous,” said Snyder.

“Just stay away. Come pick up checks or do whatever, but just stay away and let them do their investigation,” Hayes advised.

The resort was scheduled to close at the end of the month for a big renovation project.

Owners plan to rebuild, but it’s unclear if the inn will reopen by 2022 as originally scheduled.

Most of the people who worked at the Inn at Pocono Manor have since been placed at other resorts.


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