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Fire Dept. Hoping to Raise Money for Renovations in the Poconos

DELAWARE WATER GAP, Pa. — Ceiling tiles falling apart, leaky bathrooms, poor electricity and only inches of space between fire trucks — just some of the issues firefighters at Delaware Water Gap Fire Department are dealing with.

“We are just looking to fix what we have here right now and then we will go from there,” said Chief Brad Miller, Delaware Water Gap Fire Department.

The department started a Go Fund Me page, hoping to raise $200,000 to make repairs.

“This is very important. If we do the renovation, we don’t need to worry about anything that is going on in here. We are always replacing something here. Instead of doing that, we can do drills and get more training. We are still doing all that but at the same time we are doing that and fixing up problems in our building,” said Chief Miller.

The building was built in the 1960s and is showing its age, especially the generator.

One issue the chief would like to get fixed is the heavy doors. If the power goes out and the generator doesn’t work, they have to manually lift them to get the trucks out.

“We have to put the doors up manually and then leave them open, then someone has to stay here, especially when there is a storm or something like that,” said Chief Miller.

Chief Miller says he also wants to fix the kitchen that is connected to the hall next door.

None of the appliances work and there are issues from a previous leak.

“We don’t have a commercial kitchen so if we ended up getting one we can have more events in here and raise more money for the fire department,” said Chief Miller.


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