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Gates, Patrols Cut Down on Illegal Dumping at Monroe County Recycling Sites

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Illegal dumping at recycling drop-off locations in the Poconos has become less of an issue after extra security efforts were put into place.

One recycling drop-off location near Tannersville hasn’t always been gated or patrolled by workers from the Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority, but after people started leaving more than just paper, plastic, and glass behind, Waste Authority Capt. Jacqueline Bagu says there was no other choice.

“It’s mainly to improve the material, to make sure there is no contamination and as well to eliminate the illegal dumping issues that we had in the past,” Bagu said.

There are only two drop-off locations throughout the county — one in Pocono Township and another near Stroudsburg. Both are gated, patrolled, and have set hours.

“Thank goodness these guys are now watching this stuff so that the things that should go in the can are going in and there is not a whole lot of debris being put around the cans because it was pretty bad for a while,” David Brown said.

At one time, there were six different recycling drop-off locations throughout the county, but all of that illegal dumping forced four of them to close. People who use these sites and use them correctly, say while it’s sad, it needed to be done.

“Often, people would just dump their trash everywhere, you know, whatever they brought,” said Terry Kiesel.

David Brown from Henryville says he’s noticed a big improvement over the past year since the waste management authority started putting the extra security in place.

“It had to be, and it is. I am just glad Waste Management did what they did, or Waste Authority did what they did,” Henry said.

Click here for hours and locations of recycling drop-offs in Monroe County. 


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