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Impacts of Pilot Shortage Felt Close to Home

Help is wanted in the friendly skies. From around the globe to here at home, the aviation industry is seeing a bigger need for pilots.

On Wednesday, Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey took a closer look at the impact the pilot shortage is having around our area.

Some companies that offer flight services, including  Moyer Aviation in the Poconos (also a flight school), have seen some of their private pilots recruited for commercial airlines such as Delta and United.

The world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing, released a report highlighting the huge need for pilots over the next 20 years for pilots.

Nearly 800,000 business, commercial, and helicopter pilots combined will be needed by the year 2037.

Click here to read the study from Boeing.

The need for pilots is also creating opportunities for people looking for a career change or future job in general.

For more details on the type of training required to become a private pilot, regional pilot, and/or airlines pilot, head here.

To find a flight school in your area and learn about potential costs for training, you can google “flights schools” along with your nearest city or contact your local airport.


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