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Legion Members Deliver Food to U.S. Coast Guard in Philly

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. — From a storage trailer in the yard of a home near Brodheadsville and across a snowy driveway, donations of clothing, toiletries, baby diapers, and more were loaded into the vehicles of American Legion Post 903 members.

A little under two hours later, those donations ended up at the U.S. Coast Guard in Philadelphia.

The donations were given to servicemen and women who aren’t being paid because of the government shutdown.

“They are the Department of Homeland Security now, and they used to be the Department of Transportation, so they are funded differently than the DOD military services, so we are getting paid. I’m getting paid as a military retiree, but the Coast Guard is not getting paid,” said George Murray, American Legion Post 903.

George Murray and Bill Hamilton are both members of the American Legion in Mount Pocono. They say two days’ worth of shopping brought them here.

Legion reserves were used to buy about $1,000 worth of items.

“For people who have kids and everything and with money not coming in, I’ve got to assume that they need this badly,” said Bill Hamilton, American Legion Post 903.

Because of the shutdown, members of the Coast Guard were not able to come out and talk to us, but they did tell those members of American Legion Post 903 that they are very appreciative of all they brought.

“They can’t believe the generosity of people. Like we came down 90 miles from the Poconos, simply because they needed it, and they are our home Coast Guard outfit, so it just seemed fitting to run down here,” said Murray.

A little Pocono love to those in the City of Brotherly Love.


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