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Mute Swan Up For Adoption

STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Adopting a cat or dog is very common, but how about a mute swan? There’s one recovering at the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center near Stroudsburg. It was brought to the center last month after it was shot.

Now the bird is looking for a family to adopt it.

Kerri Kozlansky lives in Hamilton Township. She loves animals, has a large pond, and says a swan might be a neat addition to the family.

“I’ve never heard of adopting a swan before, but I think I like the idea. It’s something that would be really beautiful in the pond to look at,” Kozlansky said.

Emily Schaeffer is a manager at Pocono Wildlife. She’s also been caring for the swan. She tells Newswatch 16 there are a few requirements potential adopters need to meet.

“Mute swans are an invasive species to North America so they have no protections and are considered exotic waterfowl pets. They are kind of hard to take care of, so we are looking for someone who has a pond, has space and time and resources to let these guys live out their life in a place where they can thrive for the rest of their time,” said Schaeffer.

Aside from making sure the swan has enough room to roam and food to eat, it’s also recommended that the swan be adopted by someone who doesn’t have any other swans in their pond.

“That’s why it’s so hard for us to place them. We know of ponds that have established families of swans and they are not always nice to outsiders. But if you have an open pond where you don’t currently have a swan, he’ll do great,” Schaeffer said.

If you miss out on this mute swan adoption, don’t worry because another one is starting its recovery process. The hope is to get that one adopted soon, too.

If you’d like more information about adopting the mute swans, contact the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center here.


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