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Pocono Organics Taking Shape

TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — There is a lot happening outside Pocono Raceway near Long Pond.

Pocono Organics, a new organic farm in Tunkhannock Township, is starting to become a reality.

“What you see here is our 30,000-square-foot facility. This will be where we package and process all the food. We will have a farmers market that is open all year round. Every day of the year, people can come in and get produce, all through the winter and have a local source where they can get nice, organic, fresh produce,” said Ashley Walsh, Pocono Organics president.

Pocono Organics is partnering with Rodale Institute, a nonprofit that supports research into organic farming.

The property has greenhouses, standing at 35-feet-tall, 50-acres of field crops, and more.

Newswatch 16 was there to see contractors pour cement onto the roof of the head house.

“This is not very typical. I have only done one other concrete roof. It’s a set of challenges that we enjoy,” said Jim Fry, Creekside Concrete and Champion Builders.

Pocono Organics will be self-sustaining and powered by Pocono Raceway’s already existing solar farm. Water for crops will come from rain that will be collected and filtered through a living, vegetative roof on top of a state-of-the-art barn.

There will also be a farm cafe, learning programs, and wellness classes.

“You have to drive an hour to get to anywhere that might have a great, organic selection that you would need. We want to be able to help our community have local, fresh, nutrient-dense food,” said Walsh.

This project will be done in phases. The hope is to get people walking inside this spring.


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