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Pocono Snake and Animal Farm Hopes for Better Weather

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Everyone at Pocono Snake and Animal Farm near Marshalls Creek is welcoming, even the animals. But what is not being welcomed at the place in Smithfield Township: all the wet weather.

“We got here. It wasn’t raining for a few minutes and we ran down. We said let’s go. Let’s go now, quick,” said Jennifer Stahoviak of Butler.

Some of the animals are housed inside while others are outside.

John Lowris is a zookeeper.  He says all the rain has forced the place to close early a number of times for the safety of both visitors and animals.

“It’s kind of frustrating because you either see thunderstorms all day or a chance of rain or just downpours. Even yesterday we had to close because of the downpour,” said Lowris.

The zoo attracts thousands of people each year. This time of year is very busy for the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm, so zookeepers are hoping the weather clears up so more people can come in and enjoy the animals.

A family from western Pennsylvania saw a window with no rain and decided to take advantage of it.

“Well, this is nice to get in here. It’s mostly inside so far, so it’s been nice to be in here anyway,” said Daniel Stahoviak of Butler.

“I imagine it’s hard to keep your business going when you can’t have people come and spend their money,” said Jennifer Stahoviak.

Pocono Snake and Animal Farm is open daily. Zookeepers say they will continue to update social media and the website on rainy days if weather forces the place to close early.


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