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Stocking Up for Memorial Day

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Shoppers flocked to supermarkets and beer distributors in the Poconos to stock up on food and drinks ahead of the holiday weekend.

People packed into the parking lot of Brewskies Beverage in East Stroudsburg. Cases of beer and other beverages were loaded into cars, as people checked drinks off their Memorial Day shopping lists.

“Just going to anticipate seeing some of our friends, hop to their parties,” said Jean Sandt.

“(Been looking forward to this weekend) since Thanksgiving and that was last year. This was long overdue,” Margaret Montague said.

Some customers left the beer store with a case of beer in one hand and bags of ice in the other.

“I got my husband’s favorite. He is a hard worker and he can use it. I did the other things yesterday, you know, things to go on the grill,” Montague said.

Owners at Brewskies Beverage say Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest of the year and they expect the rush to continue all the way through Memorial Day.


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