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Stroudsburg High School Rooting for Former Student in Super Bowl

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — People in Stroudsburg are especially excited for this year’s Super Bowl because one of their own is taking part.

Sebastian Joseph-Day is a rookie lineman on the Los Angeles Rams and a former Stroudsburg High School Mountaineer.

On Friday, students at his alma mater showed their support for Joseph-Day and the Rams in the upcoming Super Bowl.

Maroon and white are the colors for the Mountaineers at Stroudsburg High School and part of the school’s dress code, but on this day, students were seen wearing blue and gold to show support for one of their own heading to Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“We’re breaking the dress code today because we have quite an accomplishment of one of our former students. 2013 graduate Sebastian Joseph who not only is in the NFL, but his rookie year has made it to the Super Bowl so we’re super excited for him,” said Stroudsburg High School Principal Jeff Sodl.

Sebastian Joseph-Day was a lineman at Stroudsburg High School and then played at Rutgers before getting drafted to the Los Angeles Rams in the sixth round of the NFL draft in April of 2018.

Now the former Mountaineer will be taking on the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.

If there are any Patriot fans at Stroudsburg High School, they’re out of luck. The school’s dress code could only be broken to support the hometown hero.

“There’s a lot of blue and gold in the hallway and it’s nice to see the number of students that are buying into and excited about the game and the history of this player,” Sodl said.

Some students say they’ve been Rams fans all along and are pumped to be able to cheer on someone from their hometown.

“Stroudsburg is not that small of a town, but you know like you don’t hear about NFL players or big sports players, so having someone that went to the same school as you going to the Super Bowl that’s crazy dude,” said junior Jake Oravec.

Other students say they aren’t diehard Rams fans, like Jake Oravec, but they are definitely rooting for Joseph-Day and the Rams on Sunday.

“I just hope he plays and I hope they win. I don’t want the Patriots to win again,” said junior Aasif Ali.

Sebastian Joseph-Day is a rookie this year, so there is no guarantee that he will play during Sunday’s Super Bowl, but if not and the Rams win, he’ll still be a Super Bowl champion from Stroudsburg.


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