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Students at East Stroudsburg South Brewing Up Success

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Students at East Stroudsburg High School South are hard at work — not in the classroom though, they’re taking on their brand-new jobs of baristas.

“When it comes to coffee, people love their details. Am I right? Very specific, so we want the students to be prepared for that,” said transition coordinator Danny Phillips.

These are special education students in the transition program at East Stroudsburg High School South. Possibly their toughest critic, their principal, stopped by the Core Cafe coffee shop on opening day to try it out. But even he was very impressed.

“I made the best coffee in the world!” said transition student Fantaisha Palmer.

Electric City Roasting Company employees have trained the students for the last few weeks, showing them everything from how much ice to use and the difference between kinds of milk.

“We’re not doing just push-button coffee. They’re learning to be baristas so that they can take that skill right into the community. That’s the goal. The goal is to give them as many skills here that they’re going to use out there,” Phillips said.

The Core Cafe will now be open every day whenever school is in session.

“The staff is overjoyed because now they have a place to get their coffee, and we’re going to try to be open as much as possible and service as many of the students and faculty as we can,” Phillips added.

For the students, that means going to work every day.

“Every day now,  right? So say this is my job. Every day,” said transition student Matthew Sanchez.

For the official ribbon-cutting ceremony, school board members, staff, and other students who helped make the coffee shop what it is were invited to be the first customers.

“It’s actually really great because it’s fun to see them interact with other people and it’s just really great,” said sophomore Szymon Jeblonski.

And those first customers say it was the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had.


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