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Sun Valley Gets a New Water System

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Water woes for people in one part of the Poconos are over thanks to a new water system.

For years, people who live in Sun Valley near Effort have dealt with low or no water pressure.

A brand-new water tank sits at the top of a hill in the Sun Valley development near Effort as Aqua Pennsylvania showed off its new water system.

For residents, it’s been a long time coming.

“The water is definitely clean, the water is definitely potable,” Marian Leonard said.

For many years, some residents of Sun Valley experienced outages, low or no water pressure, and dirty water.

Aqua Pennsylvania took over Sun Valley’s water system after the previous owner died.

“We were able to come in, there are about 70 customers here that we were able to help out. We rebuilt their system from the ground up. I say the ground up because literally, from the well to the water storage tank to the water treatment building to the services and distribution system, every asset and component to the water system has been replaced,” said Steve Clark, Aqua Pennsylvania.

When Aqua first came in last year, crews were able to make some temporary fixes so that residents didn’t have to boil their water. Before that, people who live here had to boil since 2015.

Loans and grants helped pay for the almost $3 million project.

“Typically, a municipality would be forced into taking a system like this over. This was huge to us. This would have put other road projects on hold just for the expense,” said Chestnuthill Township board chairman Carl Gould.

“Now we all know where the lines are. The lines were not necessarily put to a particular plan prior to them. It’s been a much more improved situation,” said resident Marian Leonard.

Construction of the new water system started in the winter of 2018 and wrapped up this month.


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