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Ace Hardware in Mount Pocono Abruptly Relocates

MOUNT POCONO, Pa. — A hardware store in Monroe County abruptly closed its doors this week. A sign on the door at Ace Hardware reads the business has relocated leaving some loyal customers wondering why.

A few dozen people showed up to Ace Hardware in Mount Pocono on Tuesday, only to find the windows covered with store closed signs out front.

John McGuire from Mount Pocono showed up to Ace Hardware in Mount Pocono only to turn right back around. A sign at the front entrance reads the store is closed and has relocated to Brodheadsville.

“It just seems strange,” he said. “I don’t know.”

Newswatch 16 reached out to the store near Brodheadsville. It’s right next to Dunkelberger’s in Chestnuthill Township. Managers were not available, and we were told to call back on Wednesday.

Customers are confused as to why the business moved with no explanation.

“I come here all the time because it’s close enough for me to get different things for the house, you know? You’re always working on the house, always. I was going to pick up something for my yard because I have leaves to do today, but wow, this is very interesting,” said David Anderson.

Shoppers were not only surprised to see the store closed signs, but they were also upset to learn that the business is now about 30 minutes away.

Van King lives in Tobyhanna. He says not only did he like the customer service at Ace Hardware, but he also liked the convenience of having it close to his home.

“I am very surprised. Yeah, well I guess I will just have to find another Ace store.”


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