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Popcorn Buddha Closing Up Shop

STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A popcorn shop in the Poconos will be closing its doors next week.

Owners of Popcorn Buddha tell Newswatch 16 a company online has been using their trademarked Popcorn Buddha name and a similar logo. Between fighting that legal battle and lack of customers, owners say they have no choice but to pack up and leave the Poconos.

Walk into Popcorn Buddha near Stroudsburg and you’re bound to find almost every flavor of popcorn imaginable, but this snack run is over for owners who are closing up shop this month.

“It’s sad, but I am hearing wonderful tales of traditions that have been born into different families from all over,” said Craig Campeotto, who owns the 8-year-old business with his partner Tanya.

The pair says there are many reasons why they decided to close, but the biggest is a legal battle.

Campeotto says they discovered a large company online has been using their trademarked Popcorn Buddha name and a similar logo.

Legal fees and lack of customers, both in-store and online, have run the business nearly dry.

“As we got to this point, we’ve spent all of our funds and then some, borrowed money to get to this point, and now our attorneys are telling us maybe another $50,000 to $80,000 more with no guarantee of the revocation of their trademark. It’s been a very stressful year and a half,” Campeotto said.

You’ll be able to buy Popcorn Buddha products online until August 22. On August 24, the doors will officially close.

Jayden Adams is not only losing his first job but also a place he called his second home.

“It’s been a really good experience,” Adams said. “When I first came here, I was really shy. Then they put me up front to be a clerk, and it really got me out of being shy and interacting with people more.”

Owners of Popcorn Buddha tell Newswatch 16 they are headed out to Missouri. They hope to sort their business woes there with the hopes of one day returning to the Poconos.


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