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Car Charging Station, Solar Compactors in Downtown Stroudsburg

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — All around downtown Stroudsburg there are parking meters, but in between a set of meters on South 6th Street, you’ll find a new device: a charging station for electric cars.

“Those people who have those green-energy cars, which is great for the environment as well, that is another plus and a bonus for the Stroudsburg area to commit to,” said resident Tiffany Peterson.

The station will be able to charge two cars at a time. Drivers will have to pay to use it.

Borough manager Jennifer Maier says the price will be set once the machine is ready to use next week.

“If we find it gets enough use, we will put in another one. It was paid for–$5,000 per charging plug–by Driving PA Forward, which is a grant Pennsylvania has, and it’s a great grant.”

In addition to the charging stations, you’re also going to see some green changes on Main Street. All of the trash cans are going to be changed out with 35 solar-powered compactors.

One side will be for trash and the other side for recycling.

“The benefit with the solar garbage cans is that the solar panel on top of it compacts the garbage, so the can can hold eight times the amount of garbage that a normal can can hold. The benefit in terms of climate change is that it reduces the amount of trips that a truck has to make,” said Maier.

Gambling money helped foot the bill for the solar-powered compactors.

You can expect to see those on the streets sometime in late summer or early fall.


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