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Police: ESU Football Players Vandalized Snowmen Displays

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Police charged four members of East Stroudsburg University’s Football team with vandalism.

The men were caught on camera, punching the heads off “Snowmen of Stroudsburg” displays.

It happened last month along Main Street in Stroudsburg, not long after the foursome left a nearby bar.

In a statement sent to Newswatch 16, East Stroudsburg University officials say, “The damage done to the Snowmen of Stroudsburg does not reflect the values and standards of East Stroudsburg University and our students. ¬†ESU intends to take appropriate action to hold these students accountable for their conduct.”

ESU students say college kids make mistakes and sometimes there are consequences.

“It’s a learning experience maybe now that they know the repercussions of doing something that they might have thought was small would be much bigger, they won’t do anything like it again,” said Samantha Dietz, ESU senior.

According to police, the group later came back and stole the heads so they wouldn’t get caught, but the next day, turned themselves and the snowman heads in.

The students have also been suspended from team activities until they address the sanctions levied by the charges and complete ESU’s Code of Conduct process.

Some people think the punishment fits the crime.

“I don’t think they deserve expulsion. But it was a crime. You demolished something in the town that didn’t belong to you. I understand. I feel like they go what they deserved,” said Chop Newman, Stroudsburg.

“You can’t be doing that. I saw the video. They were kicking and pushing it in front of other people, nobody was caring. I said, ‘Gee, that’s not how it works over here,'” said Deborah Suarez, Stroudsburg.

The damage was estimated to cost between $1,000 and $5,000.


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