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Chick-Fil-A Offers Free Food to People Dressed as Cows

STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Children and adults got their “moo” on at Chick-Fil-A near Stroudsburg on Tuesday.

White shirts with black spots, masks, and more: these costumes earned hundreds of people free food.

“I am Ryan, and I am here for Cow Appreciation Day,” said 6-year-old Ryan Shull.

“We are having a lot of fun dressing up as cows,” said Victoria Kessopa, East Stroudsburg.

It’s all part of “Cow Appreciation Day,” a 15-year tradition for Chick-Fil-A.

This is the first year Chick-Fil-A is open in the Poconos.

Those who dressed up got a free breakfast, lunch, or dinner entree.

Moms from Monroe County put the word out on social media to meet with their kids for a day of food and fun.

“It’s a huge help for parents to get a free meal for the kids, and it’s fun. The kids get all the energy out, and they get good food,” said Melissa Brandstatter, Stroudsburg.

For customers who didn’t know it was Cow Appreciation Day, they were a bit surprised when they saw the crowds and a little upset they didn’t dress up for the free lunch.

“All these people, I had no idea what was going on, and everyone is dressed up like cows. It’s crazy,” said Landon Ward, Pocono Summit.

Some even wore homemade costumes.

“We just dug around for an old white shirt and black fabric and glued them on,” said Jennifer Shull, Henryville.

“I did very similar, but I took an old bag that I have and sewed on some white fluffy fabric and sewed on some spots to make it look like a cow,” said Sam Shull, Henryville.

Parents say their kids will be talking about this until the cows come home.


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