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Fisherman Loses His Life Trying to Save Friend

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — A standard day out on the water for Adam Miklovich with friends turned into a tragedy when his fishing partner went under the rapids at McMichaels Creek.

Adam tried to save him but soon he was also sucked under the raging waters.

“He was a great, loving family man. He was great to Amanda, great to his kids, he loved them all dearly. Spent his time with them,” said Matt Walsh, cousin.

Adam leaves behind a wife, Amanda, and two young children, one and three. Amanda’s cousin Matt Walsh says their family is devastated.

“I can’t really even put into words. The situation is just so overwhelming for everybody,” said Walsh.

Adam’s family says he was an active outdoorsman, but nothing could have prepared them for this.

“They had great plans for the future. They were actually about to close on a house next week, and now that’s all up in the wind because he was the sole provider of the family,” said Walsh.

Walsh has set up a GoFundMe for the family and says the family takes comfort in the fact that he died helping someone else.

“It’s just a real tragedy. You go there thinking you’re going to have a fun, great time and then something like this occurs.”

Newswatch 16 did speak with Adam’s wife Amanda by phone on Friday. She said her husband was a loving man, that his family loved him and that they are taking comfort in their faith through this difficult time.


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