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Friends of Plane Crash Victim Talk Air Safety

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Two men were killed when a small, homebuilt aircraft went down in Monroe County.

From Skycam 16, you can see the field and an outline of the plane that crashed near Snydersville.

One of the victims was a well-known man from Monroe County. The other victim was from Northampton County.

John Cronin lives in Stroudsburg. He is still wrapping his head around the incident.

“We are all still in shock. Everyone is still kind of upset about it. It’s in the air, but it’s not real yet. No one really wants to talk about it,” Cronin said.

The plane took off from Pegasus Airpark near Stroudsburg on Tuesday afternoon. It was reported missing later that night.

On Wednesday, the plane was found buried in a swamp in Hamilton Township. Recovery took hours.

“It was probably one of the most difficult recoveries I’ve done in 31 years of being chief of Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder,” said Chief Leon Clapper, Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder.

Those who flew with the man from Monroe County say homebuilt planes are a hobby among many of the pilots at the airpark.

Planes are inspected once a year, and pilot trainings are done every two years.

“I don’t think anyone really realizes how rigorously this is all really controlled,” said Cronin.

Some pilots we spoke to believe that flying is one of the safest ways to travel, but just like a car or motorcycle, accidents do happen.

“In a lot of cases it is safer than driving on the ground. A lot of it is with the pilot,” said Vern Moyer, Moyer Aviation.

Moyer has been in the aviation industry for more than 60 years. He says it’s up to federal agencies to determine what led to this deadly crash.

“In this particular accident, there is a lot of speculation on what might have happened, but we have to wait and see what the investigation will provide,” Moyer said.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are also investigating the deadly plane crash.


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