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First Responders Describe Difficult and Emotional Recovery in Deadly Plane Crash

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. —¬†Emergency crews rushed to Neyhart Road near Syndersville after a report of a plane crash in a swamp around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Two men died in that crash. The coroner has not yet released their names, but one victim is from our area. The other is a professional pilot.

Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder Chief Leon Clapper says it was an especially tough call because he worked with one of the victims.

Other first responders knew that man as well.

“It was a very difficult day for all of us. We knew some of the people involved, we’re not going to release their names yet, if he wants to that’s fine. It took us hours to get to them,” said Chief Leon Clapper, Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder.

Firefighters had to use heavy equipment to get to the scene because the conditions were incredibly muddy.

“There’s a stream bank that was involved so naturally as we dug, we had water coming in on us. It was probably one of the most difficult recoveries I’ve done in 31 years of being chief at Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder,” said Clapper.

According to the FAA, the plane was reported missing last night it took off from Pegasus Airpark around 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon on Tuesday.

That Airpark is just about five miles from where the plane crashed.

Now, the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating to find out why this plane crashed.


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