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Good Year for Pumpkin Patch in Monroe County

ROSS TOWNSHIP — Big pumpkins, little pumpkins, orange, and white — whatever you’re feeling this fall, “Mazezilla” near Saylorsburg has it all.

“We bought a few pumpkins already and I think we will go back and get some more. They have some very unusual ones, very pretty ones and what they do with gourds is just amazing,” said Cindy Teada, Henryville.

Stuart Klingel runs the business in Ross Township.  It’s been a good year for his pumpkin patch.

“Everything is looking great. We’ve got a great pumpkin crop this year and it’s better than last year. We’ve been open a couple weekends. We are going into our third weekend here and it’s been a little bit above average,” said Klingel.

“Mazezilla” is filled with fall fun for the whole family. This year, there’s a new attraction — air cannons.  The cannons send tennis balls soaring.

“We still call it pumpkin launching even though we don’t shoot pumpkins anymore, we are shooting tennis balls. It’s a lot safer and it seems to be a big hit,” said Klingel.

The biggest fall attraction at “Mazezilla” is easily the corn maze. Every year there is a different theme.  This year, it’s Pennsylvania Wildlife.

Deer, bear, even skunks are just some of the animals that were cut into the maze.

“I’ve done it before. It’s actually harder than it looks. It’s a nice maze,” said Maria Frascella, East Stroudsburg.

“Mazezilla” is now open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


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