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Donate Extra Trout to Feed Animals at Rehab Center in the Poconos

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The fish were biting just fine at McMichaels Creek in Stroudsburg.

Wendy Haberle from Marshalls Creek says it’s a nice change of pace after the bad weather.

“It’s a beautiful day to come out and do it. Not compared to yesterday. It was pretty rough, and the fish weren’t biting. It was too cold,” said Haberle.

As trout season begins, so does a campaign at a wildlife center near Saylorsburg, and it involves your extra trout.

If you like to catch fish, but eating it really isn’t your thing, consider donating it.

“It takes an entire community to run a wildlife hospital. We can take care of the animals, but we can’t do all of the stuff that is behind the scenes,” said Kathy Uhler, Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Hamilton Township uses fish donations to help feed the birds like their bald eagle.

Director Kathy Uhler says they go through about 1,000 fish a year.

“Considering how many animals we can have here that eat fish. Bald eagles, ospreys, hawks, raccoons, all animals that eat fish. It really helps us to save money on things that we would normally have to buy,” said Uhler.

All you need to do is bring your catch to the center and label it with your name and phone number.

Fishermen think it’s a great way to give back your fish.

“I think it’s great. I mean if they aren’t going to use the fish, it’s got to go to a good cause. I know they feed eagles and all kinds of stuff up there,” said Phillip Counterman, Marshalls Creek.

If you don’t fish, but want to give back to the wildlife center, donations for “Funds for Formula” is another option.  That money goes towards getting milk for baby animals.


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