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Hitting the Slopes for Breast Cancer

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Skiing or snowboarding lots of people made their way down the slopes at Camelback Mountain Resort in Pocono Township.

Pink shirts, necklaces, and signs could be seen all over the place.

It’s all for an annual event called “Boarding for Breast Cancer.”

“It’s actually to help build awareness to women of my age to self check themselves, have the right resources to prevent breast cancer. It’s not about survival but to be more proactive about yourself,” said Lauren Brands, Camelback Mountain Resort.

Boarding for Breast Cancer is a foundation that raises money for early detection of the disease and showcases how important a healthy lifestyle is in order to help prevent breast cancer.

Julie Banderas is a news anchor in New York City and came across the foundation online and decided to use her platform to help raise money.

“Every single person who has donated has been inflicted by breast cancer. I had one man, who messaged me to say his mother and his father’s second wife died of breast cancer. Every single person who donated has been affected by breast cancer. It really brings it home to you to realize how widespread this disease is,” said Julie Banderas, New York City.

Maggie Gonzales is the event outreach manager for the foundation.

She says for a lot of women this event is not only fun but also educational.

“It makes me feel really great to spread our mission and tell people about early detection. We’ve had women who feel our breast molds before, learn how to do it themselves, and come back to say they found their own lump. So those stories are always really inspiring,” said Maggie Gonzales, Boarding for Breast Cancer.

Organizers tell Newswatch 16 before the event even started an online campaign raised $5,000.

Baskets were also raffled off and that money will also go towards the fight against breast cancer.


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