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Winter Weather Arrives

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — PennDot is asking drivers to slow down on Interstates 80, 81, 380 and 84.

In Monroe County, conditions worsened and many people rushed to hardware stores to get last-minute supplies.

This employee at Steels Ace Hardware near Tannersville says rock salt was flying off the shelves.

“People still come out in the snow and we’ll be here. We don’t close because of the snow. People rely on us. We have the stuff they need,” said Andrew Muller, manager.

Those who didn’t need supplies decided to hit the slopes.

The parking lot was packed at Shawnee Mountain near Marshalls Creek.

Employees say this is the busiest Saturday they’ve had this season.

“That fresh real snow is really nice plus vacations. This is a 3 day week we should be expecting a lot of people,” said Jeanie Kraeber, Ski Patrol.

For most of the season, Shawnee has been dependent on man-made snow but one ski instructor says this fresh real snow is much more exciting for his beginners.

“These are awesome cause now they get to experience the difference in the snow sound and the snow feel. It’s a lot quieter and a lot softer,” said George Phalen, Ski Instructor.

“And it’d probably be easier for them. Last week was a lot of ice and that’s no good especially if you’re a beginner,” said Kraeber.


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