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Snow Removal Safety on the Highway

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — It took only seconds for snow and ice to be scraped off the top of a big rig at Naro Enterprises near Gouldsboro on Wednesday. The company invested in a machine about three years ago not only for convenience but also for safety.

“It only takes a few minutes to run a vehicle through, and you know, safety is the most important thing that we do,” said Ken Evener, Naro Enterprises safety director.

On Tuesday near Marshalls Creek, snow and ice came flying off a tractor-trailer and smashed through the windshield of a vehicle. A man from New York was injured. State police are still trying to track down the driver and trucking company.

Some truck drivers near Tannersville say while it can be difficult to get the snow off the top of the trailer, it needs to be done.

“It’s very dangerous for people to get on the top because it’s soft on the top and you can’t do nothing. There are specific truck stops or companies that have machines to do it,” said driver Ulisses Uliula.

If a truck driver gets caught with snow flying off the top of their truck, the fine is no joke. It could be up to $1,000.

That doesn’t just go for tractor-trailers, it goes for any vehicle.

According to state law, “no person should drive a vehicle with ice or snow blocking windshields or windows and if snow or ice is thrown from a moving vehicle and hits another driver or pedestrian causing serious injury or death, the driver could face fines.”

“It’s a dangerous, dangerous thing, and it doesn’t really take that much effort to be able to remove the snow,” said Evener.


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