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Stained-Glass Window Repaired at Church in Stroudsburg

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — A stained-glass window at a church in Stroudsburg has been fixed just in time for Easter. The window was broken back in January after police say a man threw a can of ravioli at it.

The pastor says this fix could not have been done without the support of the community.

It took a few months to plan and fix the glass, but people here are glad to have it restored just in time for Easter.

“It’s beautiful. God is good. It’s really beautiful and ready to go,” said Juanita White.

The stained-glass window at Stroudsburg United Methodist Church is now fixed.

Back in January, police say a man from Stroudsburg threw a can of ravioli and a piece of wood at it, breaking the very old and very rare stained glass.

Pastor Bob Shank says it’s fitting to have the repairs finished during Holy Week.

“We are very, very happy and we thought that it would be done before Easter from what they had said, but I thought there was no way because there is so much work to be done,” said Pastor Shank.

Some people we spoke to say they did expect the stained-glass window to look a little different, but all in all, they are just happy it’s fixed and somewhat back to normal.

“It’s very noticeable. It’s just well done. I had no idea until you point it out but it’s very noticeable now,” Samantha Stassen said.

Between community donations and insurance, the church on Main Street had enough money to cover the repair that cost more than $5,000.

The pastor says he used the broken glass as part of his sermon on a few different occasions but his next one will be much different.

“I said we don’t have the face of Jesus there anymore, so we have to be the face of Jesus to reflect his love through his actions. I think on Sunday I’ll mention it again about how clear it is, how the face is back there but we have to clean up our lives to be able to do what he wants us to do now,” said Pastor Shank.

The pastor says there will be two Sunday services at the church, one at 8:30 a.m. and another at 11 a.m.

The man who police say did the damage is still locked up in Monroe County Jail.


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