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Stocking Up on Snow Supplies in the Poconos

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Bags of rock salt stacked indoors and outdoors and shovels of all shapes and sizes.

Workers at Lewis Ace Hardware near Marshalls Creek are ready for both the expected snow and the rush of customers.

Patty Salber from Dingmans Ferry bought wood for her fireplace.

“That’s why I am out so early is because I know it’s going to be a zoo later on,” said Salber.

Danielle Gurry is the store manager. She knows the Poconos area is no stranger to harsh winter weather. She expects to be very busy between now and the start of the weekend.

“We are fully stocked and are waiting for it to snow. We need it to snow,” said Gurry.

Because it’s been such a mild winter, workers here are actually looking forward to the snow that is expected because a lot of their inventory that is normally sold out, is still fully stocked.

“Oh, it brings us huge business. We are one of the only places around here that stocks as much of this stuff as we do,” said Gurry.

Emmett Potter from Dingmans Ferry came to pick up a part for his leaf blower. Yes, leaf blower.

He says he will need it for the first round of snow expected overnight.

“I can blow the light snow away off of the deck and I don’t have to shovel it,” said Emmett Potter, Dingmans Ferry.

But as for the heavier stuff that is expected over the weekend? He says he’s ready.

“Fuel is in the tractor for plowing, wood is ready for heat, generator is ready. I’m ready,” said Potter.


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