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Veteran Organization Heads Down South to Help Tornado Victims

POLK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Sleeping bags, tents, and more are being loaded up into box trucks at Valor Clinic Foundation in Polk Township. More than a dozen volunteers are packing up supplies to take down to tornado victims in Alabama.

Lori Fairchild from Saylorsburg dropped off blankets and food.

“It’s great. You got to give back. I mean they need it. They lost everything, so you got to just do what you can,” said Lori Fairchild, Saylorsburg.

Mark Baylis is the founder of Valor, an organization that helps homeless veterans get back on their feet.

Baylis says he felt the need to help because a lot of the damage hit an area on the edge of Fort Benning, where a lot of military and veteran families live.

“We traditionally deal with the chronic homeless, but these are the acute homeless where suddenly they are just on the street, and so the requirements are the same and we do that. It’s like a real house. We are going to launch down a few mobile teams and see if we can help people,” said Baylis.

This isn’t the first time Valor has gathered members together to help people impacted by a disaster. A team was also formed to help during Hurricane Sandy.

Baylis says gathering enough supplies in such a short time is challenging. That’s why he’s looking for help from the community. He’s asking people with extra non-perishable food supplies and hygiene products to drop them off at the clinic.

“I got to tell you, things like Dinty Moore Stews, fruit juices, stuff in small containers that people can eat in one sitting would be huge,” said Baylis.

Additional teams and supplies are expected to leave Thursday afternoon.


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