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Neighbors Worried After Third Case of Arson in Monroe County

POLK TOWNSHIP — A house fire in the West End of Monroe County has been ruled arson.

Monday morning’s fire near Jonas is not the first.

Two other houses in the Robin Hood Lakes development, also torched.

It all started in July.

“I think maybe there is an arsonist in the area. I am not quite sure but it’s very, very scary,” said Patricia Arnone, Polk Township.

State Police say whoever is setting fires is lighting the match at vacant houses.

Monday’s fire on Twin Lake Drive in Polk Township woke up Derek Hoffaman.

“Basically, it was about 1:30 in the morning, I rolled over in bed and my window was a little open, I noticed my room was bright. I looked out the window and saw there were 10-foot flames shooting out of the roof across the street so I got up and called 911 at that point,” said Hoffman.

For people who live in this community, these fires are happening all too often. The fact that each one has been ruled arson has them worried.

“We are just worried. My husband wants to get out of here. Especially being so close. It’s like, right on top of my house,” said Maria Ortiz, Polk Township.

Maria Ortiz thought there was something wrong with the water line when lights and sirens woke her up in the middle of the night. She hopes police make an arrest, soon.

“I am just scared, I hope the person doesn’t live in here. I mean either way it doesn’t matter just catch them,” said Ortiz.

If you have information about any of the arsons in Polk Township, call the State Police.


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