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Volunteers Give Valor Clinic a Makeover

POLK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A clinic known for helping homeless veterans get back on their feet is getting some help of its own

Chipping away at old paint and covering siding with a fresh coat, volunteers from Monroe County Habitat for Humanity and Pocono Builders Association are on a mission to make Valor Clinic in Jonas look brand new.

“This building is a historic building. this used to be the old Jonas Hotel. About six years ago, they touched up the paint but with weather and all that, it needed to be redone. That’s what we are doing here, and we are hoping it looks pretty good after this,” said Janet Campis, Pocono Builders Association.

The clinic, also known as Paul’s House, helps homeless veterans get back on their feet. The people staying at the foundation are grateful for the work being done.

“I think it’s fantastic. This building is super-old and it needed to be done. I appreciate them doing it because if not, we’d be doing it ourselves,” Charles Bailey said.

Ten volunteers are needed a day to help paint Paul’s House and the hope is to have it finished in about two weeks.

“It’s a big house and there is a lot of trim and it’s a nice trim. It’s a nice place and we want to do it the same color. Fortunately, we have some of the materials donated,” said Susan Watkins, Monroe County Habitat for Humanity.

Time is also being donated. Organizers say once the project is done, hundreds of volunteers will have helped out.

“We had six volunteers yesterday. I wasn’t here this morning, but it looks like there is about anywhere from seven to ten today. They have a pretty good window throughout the days that we are going to be here,” Campis said.

If you or your business would like to provide volunteers or lunches for this project, call Kelly Kemmerer at 570-216-4390 or email


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