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Students Collecting Personal Care Items for Veterans

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Packed in brown boxes, socks, hand warmers, and more are being collected at Hamilton Elementary near Stroudsburg.

Students in Kindergarten through fourth grade are holding a donation drive for homeless veterans at Valor Clinic near Jonas.

“I am feeling great about this if we can actually help someone. It means we can care for them, and I hope that they know what we do,” said fourth grader Anabelle Cervone.

The drive is called, “Valentine’s for Vets.”

Each grade is tasked with bringing in certain items. A little competition is even happening among the students to see which grade brings in the most products.

Karen Houck is the principal and came up with the idea.

“What we do is we try to teach the students empathy and active citizenship. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and appreciation. Why not remind our local veterans that we feel that way about them?” said Houck.

In addition to what the students are bringing in, faculty here are hoping some adults in the community will get involved, too, by bringing in some bigger items that the kids might not be able to carry.

“Sleeping bags or if you have good heavy winter coats, mostly men they are asking for. Blankets, a lot of folks have insulated blankets or emergency type blankets, those kinds of things,” said Houck.

Matthew Booth is in second grade. He says he’s happy his school is willing to help veterans in need.

“They did stuff for us, like, they serve for us and they serve for our freedom and they left their families just so that everyone would be safe,” he said.

Donations are being accepted now through Valentine’s Day at Hamilton Elementary.


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