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Fire Closes Restaurant on Main Street in Stroudsburg

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Usually mid-day, NYC Street Grill on Main Street in Stroudsburg is busy with customers.

But instead, the inside is covered in plastic.  Tables and chairs are moved to one side.

A kitchen fire in an upstairs apartment forced the place to close until further notice.

“It was just a regular day. We were serving customers, he was in the back in the kitchen cooking and this girl from upstairs came downstairs saying there is a fire, there is a fire in my apartment. Then my husband he came out and called 911. We took the customers out, stopped doing what we were doing, grabbed important things and walked out of the door. Then, it was all damaged,” said Sheeri Qureshi, NYC Street Grill.

There is a lot of water damage in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Contractors were on hand trying to fix the mess.

“Um, we never expected something like this. Unfortunately it happened but it’s almost there. We are fixing it,” said Khaja Ali, NYC Street Grill.

The owners tell Newswatch 16, the hardest part about this whole thing is that they are still the new kids on the block. In September, they are getting ready to celebrate one year. They are hoping to reopen as soon as they can.

“Patience is a virtue and fruit of patience is always sweet. They will have something better, of course,” said Qureshi.

Non one was hurt in the fire and all the customers and tenants got out safely.

“No one got hurt, yes. As soon as I found out there was a fire upstairs, I got my phone in my hand, called 911 and got everyone out,” said Ali.

The owners are hopeful they will re-open this month.

They are waiting for the contractors to finish and clearance from the health department.


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