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Rising from the Ashes: Salon Ruined by Fire to Reopen at New Location

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Staff members at JTH Salon in East Stroudsburg have no time to shed tears. Instead, they are celebrating a new beginning.

This comes after a fire on Thursday ruined the salon and few apartments on South Courtland Street.

Newswatch 16 was there as stylists started moving into a former barbershop, just a block away.

“Our boss was voted number one, number one boss. He has just proved it not only to the community but to us. Within a couple hours, he was watching his building burn down. He worried about his team, his clients, he got this space for us,” said Donna Becza, JTH Salon Manager.

Community support has been overwhelming for this crew.  That’s how they ended up in this new location on Dansbury Terrace so quickly.

“This is definitely a blessing in disguise for sure. We are very happy. This is going to be our new place and it was just here waiting for us,” said Jessica Tylutka, JTH Salon Stylist.

Staff members knew they would eventually bounce back. But how quickly they did, came as a surprise to everyone.

“It’s unheard of. It’s got all the accommodations we can give our guests. No one is going to be without. It’s just amazing just knowing that we are all going to stay together and be our family. We aren’t going to have to go to separate salons and have to regroup again. We can still be the collaborative team that we always have been,” said Saundra Gleisberg, JTH Salon Stylist.

While JTH Salon is transitioning into the new location, staff want clients to know they will only be accepting cash, no credit cards just yet.

The plan is to have customers back in chairs as soon as possible.


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