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Flower Shops Busy Ahead of Valentine’s Day

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — The rush for roses is on at a flower shop on North 5th Street in Stroudsburg.

David Reifinger is a delivery driver for Floral Boutique and already started carefully packing flower arraignments for Valentine’s Day into his van.

“Oh yeah, we are busy all week, especially with the weather,” said Reifinger.

The weather left a slushy mess in Stroudsburg. Workers say they are just happy the bad weather hit before Valentine’s Day and not the day of because trying to carry heavy glass flower vases up and down driveways and into buildings is not easy with ice on the ground.

“And not today either because people are going to be coming out today, and then tomorrow it’s going to be really busy,” said Colleen Woolf, Floral Boutique.

“Oh, it’s very helpful, very helpful because we want everyone to be happy,” said Reifinger.

And these days, making your sweetheart happy comes in more than one form.

Not only are the traditional roses a popular gift but also chocolates, cards, and teddy bears.

“They usually get roses and go around to check out all the stuff that is on the floor and just pick what they want,” said Woolf.

On the flower shop floor, there are all different kinds of flower arraignments to choose from.

Store managers expect to be busy all week long and say they will have plenty to choose from for anyone who might need a last-minute gift.


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