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Keller Williams Employees Spruce Up the Poconos

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Gym members of the Pocono Family YMCA weren’t the only ones breaking a sweat at the place on Main Street in Stroudsburg.

About 40 staff members from Keller Williams Real Estate were using their arms and legs to help spruce the place up.

“Every year, every Keller Williams office in the country closes to do some type of community service work to give back to the area they live in,” said Amy Phillips, Keller Williams employee.

Volunteers hauled out old filing cabinets, stuffed envelopes with flyers, and painted walls.

Directors of the YMCA appreciate the extra hands for some much-needed spring cleaning.

“We’ve got a big dumpster that we ordered out back to take out a lot of stuff that has been here for many, many years. So we are really excited,” said Scott Peckins, CEO of Pocono Family YMCA.

Members of the YMCA are so happy to see so many volunteers out sprucing this place up. One in particular, thrilled to see that the green wall is getting painted over.

“My girlfriends and I have been talking about it for a while. We hate this green paint, we hate this green paint. We can’t wait to get a different color on it. It’s wonderful, great, really good,” said Carole Endrick, Stroudsburg.

Each year, Keller Williams chooses a different organization to dedicate staff time to.

Stacey Kelly works for the real estate company and is also on the board of the Pocono Family YMCA. This service project means a lot to her.

“It’s huge. Once upon a time, someone told me that your time talent and treasure are the most important things that you can give back to your community and that has pretty much stuck with me. That is what we try to do with everything that we do here,” said Stacey Kelly, Keller Williams employee.

About 40 other Keller Williams staff members also volunteered their time at Camp Papillon Animal Shelter.


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