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Pocono Family YMCA No Longer Interested in Former School

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — The Pocono Family YMCA has decided it will no longer move forward with plans to take over a former elementary school in Stroudsburg.

Last spring, the organization considered expanding its child care program at the Ramsey School, but future construction plans at the YMCA on Main Street are now taking top priority.

Pocono Family YMCA on Main Street in Stroudsburg had big plans for its child care program. For months, the organization had been eyeing up the former Ramsey School on Thomas Street hoping to expand. The building is currently owned by the Stroudsburg School District.

But now, those plans are no longer in motion.

“These decisions are hard, but we have to do what is in the best interest of the community and the best business decision,” said Scott Peckins, the CEO of Pocono Family YMCA.

Peckins says that because the organization is already working to improve its building on Main Street, taking over Ramsey isn’t a feasible option at this time.

“We’ve done some studies, and at this time, the capacity, resources, and capital, we don’t have enough of that for two significant projects,” Peckins explained.

Stroudsburg Mayor Tarah Probst was one of the driving forces behind the YMCA taking over the Ramsey School. Now that it isn’t happening, she hopes someone else will consider buying and reopening the building as a school.

“We are going to need this space. The market dictates that there is growth coming back and our school district numbers are coming back and when the housing market is back where it was before, to fill up these empty houses, we are going to need these schools,” said Mayor Probst.

Some people agree that there needs to be more space for childhood programs.

“That’s our future, these children and we got to take care of them. Hopefully, they get something for them,” Jeanie Yeager said.

Peckins tells Newswatch 16 that if the Ramsey School is still available after renovations, it’s possible the idea of purchasing it could be reconsidered.


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