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Neighbors: Too Much Aggressive Driving in Area of Deadly Crash

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Careless driving left one teen dead and another injured after a crash in the Poconos, according to state police.

Troopers were called to the Cherry Valley area of Monroe County for reports of drag racing and gunshots Sunday night.

One of the drivers tried to flee police and ended up losing control and crashing into a telephone pole.

People who live in that neighborhood near Stroudsburg say aggressive driving on that road happens too often.

“We heard lots of cars going up and down the road and all of a sudden we started seeing lights and we came out. There were fire trucks, 10 police cars, it was crazy,” Heidi Secord recalled.

According to investigators, Anthony Yerance, 18, of Wind Gap, took off in a pickup truck when troopers showed up to check on the drag racing report. The teen hit a state police cruiser and four other vehicles before losing control and crashing into a telephone pole along Cherry Valley Road.

Yerance was killed and a passenger was hurt.

People who live nearby say this area is known for drivers who go too fast or try to race each other.

“They do drive tremendously fast. It’s not a safe road to even walk on. I’d love to walk up and down the road, but I can’t,” Marie Kleinle said.

John and Marie Kleinle live along Cherry Valley Road in Hamilton Township.

“It goes on here. We hear it, we don’t even have to see it because we hear it. Many times, they come up the road here and wait. They just want to dig out, make a lot of racket. Yeah, it goes on,” John Kleinle said.

The passenger in the pickup was an 18 year old from Nazareth. He was taken to a nearby hospital. There is no word on his condition.


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