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Reassessment Notices Mailed in Monroe County

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — If you live in Monroe County, keep an eye on your mailbox for an important letter. The county mailed formal assessment change notices to all property owners on Monday, and residents should get their letters this week.

Ed Henning from East Stroudsburg stopped by the post office on Ann Street in Stroudsburg to pick up his mail. A formal reassessment change notice from Monroe County didn’t come on this day, but Henning knows the letters are coming this week.

“The big unknown is what are our taxes going to be. So the rubber meets the road when we get the millage rate and then we know what the taxes are going to be,” said Henning.

It’s been 30 years since a county-wide reassessment. Last year, a reassessment agency surveyed all 103,000 properties in the county.

Informal letters were mailed to residents in the spring to give residents an idea of their property value.

If residents still do not agree, people have until mid-August to file an appeal.

“People should look at the new assessment they receive, compare it to the old assessment, the old informal assessment, and make a decision as to whether they are going to move forward or not,” said Monroe County Commissioner John Moyer.

County commissioners tell Newswatch 16 that school tax letters are also coming out this week, so it’s important for residents to understand that this year’s school taxes will not be affected by the reassessment.

“It will be a year from now before they know what the impact is of the new assessment on their school taxes,” said Commissioner Moyer.

Residents say the worst part is not knowing if their taxes will go up. That information won’t be available until the fall when budgets are done.

“It’s like everything else. You can’t do anything about it. If you have a grievance, take it to the county. If not, you pay it,” said Stroudsburg resident Sam Elbass.

Residents have until August 12 to file an appeal.

The final assessed values will be certified and sent to the county, municipalities, and school districts in November.

New values will take effect in next year’s taxes.


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