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Monroe County Residents React to Reassessment Change Notices

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Formal reassessment change notices for Monroe County residents started going out last week.

Vicky Keiper from Stroudsburg got hers.  She isn’t happy.

“I think it’s wrong. The people that have made this county what it is, people who have lived here their whole life, is going to have to move because we can no longer afford to live here. I don’t know who is going to pay their wages when we all move out,” said Keiper.

It’s been 30 years since a county-wide reassessment. Last year, a reassessment agency surveyed all 103,000 properties in the county.

Informal letters were mailed to residents in the spring to give them an idea of their property value.

If residents still do not agree, people have until mid-August to file an appeal.

“I already have the letter written. My neighbors are doing the same thing,” said Keiper.

While some homeowners in Monroe County do plan to appeal their reassessment, some others aren’t sure if it will do any good.

“Why should I waste the time? Just to get $10 bumped off of it then next week or next year it’s doubled. It doesn’t make any sense,” said Donald Carter, East Stroudsburg.

Final assessed values will be certified and sent to the county, municipalities, and school districts in November.

New values will take effect in next year’s taxes.

“I think I got another bill to pay. What else am I supposed to think? You can’t do anything about it. It is what it is,” said Carter.

Residents have until August 12 to file an appeal.  You can do so by following the directions listed on your reassessment change notice.


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