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Senior Expo Helps Residents with Reassessment Concerns

PARADISE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — More than 100 government agencies and local nonprofits showed up in the Poconos on Monday for the annual senior expo hosted by State Senator Mario Scavello. This year, there was one seminar that brought in hundreds of residents: reassessment.

Tables upon tables of government agencies and local nonprofits were on hand to talk to seniors at Swiftwater Elementary Center in Paradise Township.

“What a turnout,” said State Sen. Mario Scavello, (R) 40th District. “Any question that a senior has or someone who is close to retirement, they come here, and they get everyone.”

While a lot of seniors did come out to check different vendors that are inside the gym, many others came to ask questions about the recent reassessment.

“It’s very ambiguous what they sent out,” said Stroudsburg resident John Schlenewald. “It didn’t say anything to us, just the raise and what it is now, well then, and what it is now. I mean we don’t know.”

Monroe County residents received their formal reassessment change notice in the mail this month.

The senator made sure to have representatives from the Monroe County assessment office at the expo to help seniors better understand the process and how to appeal their reassessment if they choose.

Residents are concerned their taxes will go up, but they won’t know for sure until November when budgets are done.

“it’s very scary, let me tell you. Being on a fixed income, it’s very scary. We are not alone, so we thought we’d better get here,” said Dorothy Schlenewald.

“We are getting a lot of calls,” said Sen. Scavello. “It’s hard to explain it on the phone but it is much better face to face. They were volunteered, and it turned out real well.”

Seniors at the expo tell Newswatch 16 they did get a lot of their questions answered, but they have to wait until the fall for their tax question to be answered.

All Monroe County residents have until August 12 to file an appeal.


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